This varies between our trips.

Please check the inclusions of the trip you are interested in to see exactly what is included.

Credit Cards

We have a secure page for submitting your credit card details. You can “reserve a trip now!” We accept Visa or Mastercard.

Bank Deposits

Our bank details for direct debit are:

Account: Bikestyle Tours
BSB: 014 279
Account No: 472 316 927

Things to Remember:

  • When making payment use your name as a reference for the deposit.
  • If you would like to book any of the optional extras that are being offered with your trip you will need to pay for these at the time of your booking.
  • Once you have made payment please send an email to adam@bikestyletours.com to advise of the payment.
  • Don’t forget it is a requirement of Bikestyle Tours that you have Travel Insurance for your trip.

If you have any further enquiries please email us at tours@bikestyletours.com.

Our mailing address for payment by cheque is:

Bikestyle Tours
PO Box 8313,

Most things are included but airfares are not.

  • We collect you from the airport (or train station) at the beginning of your trip.
  • We nominate a convenient trip finish location at the completion of the trip, often at an airport.

Non cyclists and spectators are encouraged

  • We’ll transport you as close as possible to the race course, and get you to points where you can see the race; for example at stage finishes or at the base of the mountains so that the course is only a short walk away.
  • We also stay in towns where non cyclists can choose to stay and do tourist walks and shop or just relax if they wish.

Share your experience with a cycling partner

  • We meet the cyclists at specific points ie: stage finishes, villages at the base of the final climb etc, so you will get to see your partner during the day and spend time with them if you wish!

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Our reservation conditions are simple and easy to read

As soon as we have a detailed itinerary available to give you.

  • We usually send final itineraries within a month or two of the trip start
  • We’re unable finalise some of our itineraries until race organisers publish their race schedules as the details for each day will depend on the final time schedule for the race
  • Information regarding the hotels you will be staying at will be available around the same time as final payments are due
  • Ride maps and clothing will supplied to you at the beginning of the trip
  • Soon after your booking, you will receive an email to submit your clothing requirements
  • Near the issue of your final invoice you will receive an email to supply emergency contact details for your travel, as well as your travel insurance provider
  • A few weeks before your trip starts, we will ask you to supply your travel details so that we can track your arrival for any possible arrival delays or departure requirements

Yes, we have a fleet of almost 50 carbon bicycles available for hire. 

Please refer to our Bicycle Rental section. However there is nothing like riding your own bike on a memorable trip. You’re familiar with it while on the trip and after it becomes like an old friend that you shared some great times with!

Every trip is carefully designed to see various aspects of the race

For the climbs, do you have a spot set up to watch the race or do you advise the best spots and we just fit in?

We do suggest good viewing spots for everyone but don’t normally have a spot set up as everyone climbs at different paces and go different distances up the mountain. We do our best to have our guides gather people up to watch the race but often people choose to find a few of the group and watch the race together.

We provide you with information on the day to help you choose an appropriate spot. It can get cold sometimes in high alpine areas, so we advise you depending on the race situation, weather and traffic. On some days, where possible, we try and set up our van with drinks in an appropriate area. We can’t always guarantee this, but we try our best.

Our trips are TWIN share, but you have the option for SINGLE SUPPLEMENT

If you have booked a TWIN share, we will pair you with someone of similar ability, age or occupation. We get everyone to fill in a number of forms so we gain an idea of who to match you with.

Every trip, depending on availability has the option for a Single Supplement if you wish to have your own room. The cost of the single supplement is a function of the rooming configuration and single occupancy rate at our hotels, therefore the cost to you is dependent on the trip hotels and duration of the trip. If you are planning on travelling Single Supplement, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Yes internet access will be available in most hotels

  • Free wifi zones are also available at many cafés and public areas.

No, not at all but of course the usual greetings and pleasantries always help.

Your trip guides are either native speakers or have a limited vocabulary of the local language and will help you out should you need. You will find that since the amalgamation of European countries under the EU, many locals will understand some English, as long as you speak clearly and avoid using contractions (i.e I’ve, isn’t, they’ll, won’t, shouldn’t).

If you are really stuck, a patient game of charades with locals can often be a fun experience, and communicate a message.