Bike tours for every cycling fan

No matter what type of cyclist or cycling fan you are, we have a bike tour you’ll love being part of.

Tours for Spectators / Non-cyclists

Are you a racing fan but don’t want to cycle during your holiday? Want to take your partner on a bike tour without doing all the cycling? No problem! We have bike tours for spectators and non-cyclists that you will love.

Although many of our bike tours are designed for cyclists, we also organise and manage trips for spectators and non-cyclists. These non-cycling tours will let you experience the thrills of the race up-close while giving you the freedom to explore the surrounding regions. We often include sightseeing options suitable for both cyclists and non-cyclists (e.g. a winery or chateau visit), so you’ll always have something to enjoy outside the race.

During the day, it is also often possible for non-cyclists to travel in our coach or support van and meet up with the cyclists at a point during their ride. Our cycling routes often take the most scenic route between locations, so you can enjoy a similar experience and share in the camaraderie found among riders. Our designated meeting locations are often on the race route or in an interesting town, so you’ll have attractions to explore almost every day.


Social Cyclists

If you’ve done a bit of cycling at home and you want to cycle throughout your holiday, our cycling trips are for you. Whether you’re a beginner, a social cyclist, or even an experienced rider who wants to take it easy on your holiday, these cycling trips will give you the ride you want.

These cycling trips are also suitable for those who have non-riding partners, giving you both the opportunity to enjoy your cycling holiday the way you want. As you ride through our planned routes, your partner will have their own itineraries exploring the region. We design these trips to have common meeting spots for riders and spectators, so you can share and enjoy your experiences together throughout your trip.

But even with all the cycling involved, this is a holiday first and foremost. You are free to take some days off the bike or take it easy on some routes to save your legs for the day that you conquer a bucket-list climb. We design each trip with different cycling itineraries so you can have as much – or as little – cycling as you want.


Experienced Cyclists

Are you an experienced cyclist who wants a challenge in your cycling holiday? Our trips for experienced cyclists provide more miles and vertical metres, giving you a tough but achievable challenge that will make you incredibly proud in the end.

These trips are designed to give you a similar experience as the pros, taking you on epic rides along famous routes and tough climbs that will test your skills and training. Thrilling challenges aside, these trips also offer plenty of moments for leisure and recreation. You can conquer climbs at your own pace, and our guides can adjust the intensity of your ride to make sure you’re having fun. We also usually follow the climbing routes, so vertical metres are often a better measure than the miles in the saddle.

These trips are also ideal for serious social cyclists, providing routes and itineraries that pose a challenge but are still enjoyable enough for amateurs. In fact, we often incorporate an easier day in the itinerary to serve as recovery for the bigger days during the back end of the tour.