Booking Guide

After 28 years of organising cycling holidays to the Grand Tours we help you with every step to get the most out of your travel with us. Whether it is a Grand Tour, Bespoke cycling holiday or another UCI World Tour event, we look after every detail to ensure you have the best experience possible. From the time you book through to every daily detail, we communicate what is required of you.

We know that you will have a lot of questions like:

Before your trip starts, we send you the relevant information when you need it the most.

Booking on a trip

Booking one of our trips is easy

Once we have received the deposit we will send you a receipt with an email confirmation.

We highly recommend that you have a travel insurance policy in place as soon as you have paid your deposit.

Once I have booked, what next?

We collect your details at key planning periods in the lead up to your trip.

We appreciate that completing forms and surveys can be a hassle, so our online forms only take you a few minutes to complete.

120 days before trip start
Clothing, Fitness and Dietary
30 days before trip start
Travel Details

Would you like a hire bike?

120 days before trip start
Early Bird

Worried about travelling with your own bike? We have an extensive fleet of hire bikes. Request bike hire at time of booking

 We required your measurements to guarantee your hire bike.

Before Final Invoice
Unsure at time of booking

What information will I receive?

At time of booking
Guest Information Booklet - Part 1
110 days before trip star
Draft Invoice
100 days before trip start
Final Invoice
90 days before trip start
Final Payment
70 days before trip start
Preparing for your tour
14 days before trip start
Detailed Itinerary and Ride Files

We are always checking road conditions for our ride routes. Most events release special event road closures and specific route details only 4 to 6 weeks before the event.

10 days before trip start
Final Arrival Details
Near the start of your trip
Photo Sharing Link