Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige



Short Ride


Long Ride

Ride this morning, after our first night sleeping at a little altitude. We are in the heart of the Dolomites and our ride today will be one of the most spectacular rides you’ll ever do – Sella Ronda. We circumnavigate the impressive geological formation of Piz Boè, high in the Italian Alps. The road leading up Passo Pordoi offers the greatest view. As we rise to the next climb, Passo Sella, the Sella Towers appear – okay they’re even more incredible. In total – four climbs, in just 52km. It is a manageable day on the bike, and any leg tiredness is quickly forgotten with the dramatic views. We can relax this afternoon, and even explore the local village. There are 3 languages in South Tyrol – Italian and German influences of course, but also a local traditional language of Ladin. You’ll often notice signs in the 3 languages.