Bormio, Italy



Short Ride


Long Ride

Up for the challenge of one of our favourite rides, Passo Gavia? Measuring 25km and averaging 5% to 2,621m you will enjoy amazing views across the mountains.

Passo Gavia

Depending on how your legs are feeling today we’ll choose from one of two rides. If your are feeling up to the challenge make our way up Passo Gavia, if not we head our on one of our favourite rides from Bormio.

Making it to Passo Gavia from Bormio the easier of the two Gavia Pass ascents, measuring 25km and averaging 5% to 2,621m. The only really challenging section is around the 20km mark, where the gradients reach double digits before easing off for the last few kilometers of the climb. Besides the views across the mountains, the picture perfect switchbacks and the too lakes “Nero” and “Bianco” are beautiful. Our alternative ride will take us up “Piccolo Stelvio”, it is a twisty climb (16 switchbacks) off the road heading to Livorno. If you are adventurous, you can ride around the turquoise waters of an alpine lake. Either way, we have a beautiful ride available for you today.

After another amazing day on the bike we can relax in one of Bormio’s many restaurants for dinner.