Bormio, Sondrio, Italy


Breakfast, Dinner

Long Ride

The first rider over the highest point of the Giro d’Italia route each year is awarded the Cima Coppi, celebrating the champion of champions, Fausto Coppi. It will be claimed this year on Stelvio Pass, today. We’ll head there this morning ahead of the race and return to Bormio to watch the race on the final climb. There are 3 distinct sections of the climb from Bormio. Our start is quite gentle and the winding road ahead keeps up motivated. At the top of some switchbacks the views are rewarding. Our second section climbs along a valley plain, and often the road is surrounded in patches of snow, yet to melt. We reach the Swiss border, at Umbrail pass, the road steepens into the thinner air and often we observe the work of the Stelvio road crew having uncovered the road, creating a snow wall. It is truly an amazing time of the year to climb the Stelvio Pass. After reaching the summit, we descend and return to Bormio, following the race route.