Solares, Cantabria


Breakfast, Dinner

Short Ride


Long Ride

For our longer challenging ride today, we will follow the race route to the finish line before descending back to its base to watch the race pass on one of the main climbs of today’s stage.

Los Machucos – 26% they say!

The finish of today’s stage is a most brutal summit finish. Each year, organisers search for new additions to the race, seemingly on the one condition that they are very steep, in fact almost inhumane. The torturous climb up Los Machucos was first added in 2017. After a single year’s absence, it returns in 2019. A gentle 17.5% ramp signals the start of the climb followed by a steep descent (just something to climb on return from the summit)! A little further on and the grades kick up to 26% and 25%! Pain is temporary though, and the gradients are more familiar as we target in on the summit.

We will depart our hotel after breakfast and take one of two rides this morning. For our longer challenge, we’ll follow the race route to the finish, before descending back to its base to watch the race pass on one of the main climbs in today’s stage.

Our shorter ride will take a more direct route to the finish, giving you time and ‘fresh legs’ to make the summit before the crowds. We’ll return the same way and watch the race on one of the main climbs.

After the race has passed, we will make our way back to our hotel to relax and see the finish of the stage on television with a well-earned beverage in hand. Tonight we’ll have dinner together at our luxury hotel.

Stage 13 – Bilbao to Los Machucos
Dubbed as one of the most important stages of the 74th edition, the exclusive group will do battle on the ‘inhumane’ ramps of the narrow forest road to the monument Vaca Pasiega. Cyclists will twitch on grades of more than 15%, but Los Machucos packs a serious punch with a few ramps of 25% and 26% ! It was included for the first time in 2017.