Seguret, France


Breakfast, Dinner

Short Ride


Long Ride

We will  travel to Provence to conquer the mighty Mont Ventoux.

Carcassonne to Géant of Provence 

We’ll arise to the morning light shining on the medieval castle. After breakfast, we will  travel to Provence to conquer the mighty Mont Ventoux. Long before Everesting, a cyclist who made the 3 summits of Ventoux in a single day became legendary. After today’s traditional single summit to Ventoux, you earn the right to comprehend the feat.

Our ride starts from Bédoin, giving us several kilometres before the climb begins in earnest. Officially, the total length is 21.5 km averaging 7.45%. Reaching the renowned tower at the summit, requires great resolve to pace yourself and keep pedalling. Riding through the forest raises the question for when will this climb end. Rest assured, the gradient eases as you reach Chalet Reynard. From here it just 6 km to the summit, through one of the most surreal environments you’ll ever ride – the Ventoux moonscape. Make a stop at the Tom Simpson memorial 900m  from the summit.

Your reward at the summit is a serious oversupply of lollies from the vendors and the views across the Luberon Valley. This is truly a memorable experience. After contemplation of your achievements, we’ll descend to Malaucène where you can enjoy a well deserved feed. You can either travel back on our bus or ride the 20 km to our hotel through the Provence villages.

Our hotel for the next 2 nights is a tranquil 3-star hotel with its own pool on a working winery, this is Provence. Tonight we’ll enjoy a delicious dinner from our hotel restaurant, produced with the finest local ingredients.

Rest Day 2: Nîmes, Rest day 2
After a short, yet intense second week, riders will take their rest in Nîmes. Once settled in to their hotel rooms the night before, riders will welcome a three night stay which will help aide their preparation for the final week.