Bike rental terms & conditions

Bikestyle Tours (Bikestyle) rents bicycles (Rental Bike) to its clients (Client) on the following terms:

Travel Insurance

It is the responsibility of Clients to hold their own travel insurance policy to cover personal medical care in case of an accident, loss due to cancellation, and any third party liability that may arise from the use of the Rental Bikes by Clients. QBE travel insurance now offers coverage for bike hire by selecting the “specified items” option when purchasing your policy or at any time prior to departure after the policy is issued.

Status of rental bike

Bikestyle confirms that an experienced bike mechanic, prior to renting, reviews each Rental Bike. Each Rental Bike is prepared for rental and supplied to Clients in properly operating status, and is ready to ride.

For the duration of the hire, Bikestyle will maintain the Rental Bike in a properly operating status.

Obligation of clients

It is the Clients responsibility to: