Lorian Graham

Lorian Graham
Former Pro Cyclist and Guide

Guiding Experience

10 years with Bikestyle Tours, 8 years professional Cycling

Bikestyle Trips

15+ (All Grand Tours, Tour of California, Tour Down Under)

Non-guiding Background

Graphic Designer, Cycling Professional, Art Facilitator in Schools, Dog Trainer


English, Limited understanding of Italian and French

Favourite Location

Anything that goes up... But most favourite climb is Colle delle Finestre, it has everything - including some gravel.


Lorian is a survivor and a caring Bikestyle Tours guide. Her insights into women’s racing, highs and lows of the sport are just some of the stories she is able to share. Guests love having Lorian as their guide because her care and encouragement toward them creates something very special about being on the bike.

Her highest moment in cycling was winning the National Road Cycling Championship in the Adelaide Hills. She competed in the tours of Italy, France, Spain and Germany as well as many World Cup events. Since retiring from the sport, Lorian believes riding is a great source of leisure and a necessary escape from the day-to-day chores.