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Liz Georgeson

Staff Profile, Liz Georgeson
Staff Profile, Liz Georgeson

Bookings Manager

Liz lives and works from home in Tourquay, Victoria. She took to cycling in the early 2000’s and continue to be an active member in her local cycling club. She holds her Level 1 accreditaion and is mentor to many beginners, especially women. Liz competes regularly in cycling and triathlon events. 

If you’ve travelled with us already, you will have already had contact with Liz in the lead up to your trip. She ensures that your trip preparation is smooth. Helping you to complete your booking, update you with any information about your trip and answer questions you may have.

She is most passionate about helping others to climb mountains and achieve their goals in all aspects of their cycling experiences. Her enthusiasm, love of cycling and engaging personality encourages everyone to believe that anything is possible when it comes to riding a bike.

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