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Adam Gill

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Adam Gill, Owner


Adam is full of energy and stamina, with several Ironman events under his belt. He started guiding for Bikestyle Tours in 2008 and has always found it to be rewarding in helping people achieve their dreams. In late 2013, he took the plunge and became owner of Bikestyle Tours.

Cycling has been a passion for many years and he has helped many people improve their fitness and riding skills through his coaching business. Adam has handed most of his athletes on since taking the reigns at Bikestyle Tours.

Each year, Adam coordinates the training program for the Queensland Chapter of the Chain Reaction Foundation, supporting kids in need. The challenging 7-day ride covers 1000km in a week and has raised more than $AUD 1M each year for charities. Riders have varied riding experience. Some hadn’t ridden a bike since childhood.

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