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Caring guides support your bike tour

All of our trips have experienced guides from diverse backgrounds.  Their wide capabilities ensure that all problems are taken care.

Our experience means we have resolved most problems before. You can be certain with Bikestyle Tours that your trip is smooth, relaxing and enjoyable.

more time for you to experience your precious holiday

Staff pay attention to every detail so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself. We deliver worry free bike holidays.

Key Staff

Your bike tour is planned our key, with the support of our experienced guides.

They seek out the best accommodation for guests, close to the start or the finish of your ride. If you are watching a bike race, you’ll have every detail for getting to a great advantage point with the minimum of fuss or stress.

bike tour with personalised experience 

Every person that books on a bike trip with Bikestyle Tours receives a personal experience throughout the process. You’ll be contacted by our bookings manager to confirm your booking and we will communicate with you every detail that you need before arriving at the start of your trip.

Staff profile Adam Gill
Adam Gill
Peter Forbes
Pete Forbes
Operations Manager
Staff Profile, Liz Georgeson
Liz Georgeson
Bookings Manager

Former Professional Riding Guides

Most of our trips have a former professional who not only ride with you, but also do the hard work our guides do such as loading bikes and bags. Our cycling professionals have unique insights into the race that they are more than willing to share with guests on our bike tour.

sharing personal stories and insights into the peloton

You get to ride with professional cyclists, sometimes they’ll let you win. Although, they aren’t as quick as what they used to be, they know how to suffer and have great pain-face.

They also ride with our slower riders and engage off-the-bike with our spectators, sharing their experiences with everyone.

staff profile Eric de Clercq
Eric de Clercq
1991 to 2002
staff profile, Lorian Graham
Lorian Graham
2002 to 2008
Staff profile, Pat Jonker
Pat Jonker
1993 to 2004
Staff profile, Jenny Macpherson
Jenny Macpherson
2004 to 2007

Riding Guides, Native Language Guides and Non-Riding Guides

Our ride guides and non-riding guides have a diverse background and a wealth of experience they enjoy sharing with every guest. They deliver outstanding bike tours, every time.

Our tour guides look after every day-to-day detail, contingency, contingency on contigency, problem and solution. They are calm ducks with powerful legs spinning underwater (out-of-sight).

calm guides, happy guides and there to serve

Our guides are happy people and they smile, a lot, always.

Staff profile Simon Hevey
Staff profile, Vincent Aujogues
Staff profile, Kerri McCarthy
Staff profile, Petra Wiltshire
Staff profile, Glibert Gutowski
Staff profile, Paul Butler
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