Fulgaz Challenge Rules

Fulgaz Challenge Rides

What are the FulGaz challenge rides?

Bikestyle Tours has partnered with FulGaz to align indoor training to our famous bike trips.

Make indoor training fun and motivating

  • Ride the FulGaz challenge climbs that we publish
  • Complete the ride and publish you results using strava
  • Receive credit towards your next cycling holiday with Bikestyle Tours
  • Stay connected with our Facebook group – Bikestyle Community

How do you join the FulGaz challenge rides?

Set yourself up with a smart trainer and the FulGaz App at home and follow our challenges.
Fulgaz is giving our guests 28 days free trial
  • Download the FulGaz App
  • Register using our special Bikestyle Tours code 20bsty346 2020bikestyle1t4ly
  • Join our Facebook Group Bikestyle Community
  • Join our Strava Club Bikestyle Tours

How do you join the FulGaz cycling trip?

Set yourself up with a smart trainer and the FulGaz App at home and follow our challenges.
Look for the Bikestyle Tours curated rides on the rides page
  • Download the FulGaz App
  • Register using our special Bikestyle Tours code 20bsty346 2020bikestyle1t4ly
  • Select the Bikestyle Tours Italian Series rides from the rides page on the FulGaz App
  • Ride the stages in the order shown (to be eligible for prizes and General Classification)
  • Join our Strava Club Bikestyle Tours.
  • Upload your rides to Strava

How do I know what ride to do?

Fulgaz has a massive library of rides available to choose. Most of our favourite climbs, some are iconic to the biggest races, and some a more spectacular.

We will have two types of Fulgaz challenge rides to motivate your training.

Challenge rides will be published on our website and through our Facebook Group – Bikestyle Community

  • Challenge Climbs are rides on Fulgaz that take us to some of our favourite locations, or favourite climbs. We will keep them varied in difficulty, long, short, steep, gentle … If you’d like us to promote your favourite let us know.
  • Challenge Cycling Trips are a collection of rides that highlight a particular area. Some will be ‘centre-based’ like our favourite experienced cyclist trips. Some will be follow our classic trip style where we experience more variety

I've completed a ride, now what?

Just like our famous bike tours, our aim is to share incredible experiences on the bike together.

But, we’re riding at home, by ourselves or if we’re lucky with a partner. Be creative with how you to share your experience, participation is the key.

Post your ride to Strava and edit the ride activity to receive credits

  • Join our Strava club, we can follow each other through our community on strava. 
  • Upload your ride to Strava. Fulgaz will send you a garmin fit file after completing your ride. Load the file to your Strava activity.
  • Rename the activity on Strava to have the title “Bikestyle Tours goes Fulgaz”
  • Share your Strava activity to our Facebook Group by replying to the challenge post
  • Receive credit toward a future Bikestyle Tours cycling holiday. Each complete challenge climb and challenge cycling trip will contribute.

How are you helping us?

Fulgaz is helping us through your subscription. Some of their rides were captured on a Bikestyle Tours trip. Check out the rides in France on Fulgaz to discover one of our tour groups on the climb.

You’re helping us, and we in turn will help you

  • Fulgaz will channel a few funds our way from your first subscription charge and will help us to develop more great cycling holidays for you to enjoy in the future.
  • We will accumulate your credit toward your next Bikestyle Tours cycling holiday

How will FulGaz challenge rides be published

  • Bikestyle Tours will publish Fulgaz challenge rides (FulGaz Challenge Climb and FulGaz Challenge Cycling Trips) on our website, through our Facebook Group named “Bikestyle Community” and on our dedicated Fulgaz Bikestyle curated rides pages
  • You may only earn credit for the Challenge Climbs and Challenge Cycling Trips by completing the rides within the dates specified
  • The amount of credit that may be claimed by each rider will be published for each Challenge Climb and Challenge Cycling Trip
  • There are no time limits for any of the challenges. Our ethos is participation and completion of the challenges.

Conditions for receiving and redeeming credits

  • Credits are received for completed challenges that have been validated†
  • Complete three consecutive challenge rides and receive additional $AUD20 credit
  • Credits can be used on any trip until the end of 2021 (for trips starting before 31 December, 2021)
  • Credits may only be used to reduce your final invoice amount, not valid for use with trip deposits, single supplement or additional accommodation
  • Credit amounts per rider is limited to $AUD500 for Challenge Climbs and $AUD500 for Challenge Cycling Trips; a total of $AUD1000 credit for any individual
  • Credit amounts are not redeemable for cash and may not be transferred to other riders

†To validate a completed Challenge Climb (or a ride that is part of a Challenge Cycling Trip), riders must:

  • Post their completed ride to their Strava account
  • Be a member of the Bikestyle Tours Strava Club
  • Rename the title of the ride activity on Strava to “Bikestyle Tours goes FulGaz”
  • Share their Strava activity to our  Facebook Group – Bikestyle Community by pasting the share link as a reply to the challenge post

Riders may complete the ride as many times as they like, but riders may only claim credits once for each challenge.

Bikestyle Tours reserves the right to change conditions for Bikestyle Tours – FulGaz challenges at any time.
Bikestyle Tours will only accept credits attained in accordance with the conditions at the time of the challenge.
Last updated: 16th July, 2020

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Validate your ride by uploading your rides to Strava and edit title to BIKESTYLE TOURS GOES FULGAZ