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Get the full Giro d’Italia Grand Tour experience. Conquer epic Giro climbs and routes. Indulge in the local culture – gourmet food, stunning wine, motivating music. Trips available for cyclists and non-cyclists.

Our Italy Cycling Tours

Our Italy cycling tours revolve around the world-famous Giro d’Italia, the second longest-running Grand Tour in the sport. This race is undoubtedly one of cycling’s most prestigious events and a big attraction for cycling fans around the world.

Our trips will take you through key stages of the Giro d’Italia while providing plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in local Italian culture. Watch the race or ride through stunning landmarks along northern Italy as you enjoy local cuisine, wine, and music in between.

Annually, we operate escape trips to Italy where guests get to ride Stelvio and the Dolomites. Having operated cycling tours in Northern Italy for over 20 years, they are roads that need to be shared.

Giro d'Italia Cycling Tours

Known for its gruelling mountain stages, the Giro d’Italia is regarded by cycling fans as one of the sport’s most entertaining races.

No matter which route the race takes every year, there’s one thing competitors and spectators can expect: epic climbs along many of Italy’s most beautiful mountains.

Whether as a spectator or cyclist, our Italy bike tours will treat you to stunning sceneries, breathtaking climbs, and beautiful landscapes. And when you’re not on the road enjoying the race, you’ll revel in all the lively celebrations and events throughout the region.

italy bike tours giro ditalia trip
Stunning sceneries, breathtaking climbs and beautiful landscapes
  • Watch key stages of the race up close
  • Cycle or ride through iconic Giro climbs like the Passo dello Stelvio and Monte Grappa
  • Explore secret roads and hidden routes
  • Enjoy touristic opportunities in Northern Italy

More than Just the Race

The best thing about our cycling tours of Italy is that we give you more than just the thrills of the Giro d’Italia. Aside from bringing you to key stages of the race, we also provide many opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture. Choose from a variety of touristic opportunities along the race route, including side trips to small towns and wineries. And because the Giro d’Italia coincides with the start of summer, you’ll experience a side of Italy you won’t typically get in other times of the year.

italy bike tours giro ditalia group
Toursitc opportunities along the race route include small towns and wineries.

Go on Bucket List Climbs

For those itching for more adventures, we offer cycling tours in Italy that provide some of the most breathtaking cycling you’ll ever experience. Conquer Giro climbs like the pros, taking on beautiful yet challenging rides through the Passo dello Stelvio, Mortirolo, Monte Grappa, or Sella Ronda. Depending on the year’s route, you might also get the chance to visit the shrine of remembrance to Madonna del Ghisallo (cycling’s patron saint) or ride through the stunning Dolomites.

italy bike tours giro ditalia trip mortirolo
Take on the beautiful yet challenging climbs, like the Mortirolo.

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