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Get the full Tour de France experience. Watch the legendary Paris Roubaix (the “Hell of the North”). Tick off bucket list climbs in the French Alps and Pyrenees. Tours available for cyclists and non-cyclists. Book with the most experience tour operator at the Grand Tours.

Our France Cycling Tours

France has a rich cycling tradition and is home to some of the world’s most prestigious races.

The biggest race of them all – the iconic Tour de France – is a must-see for any true cycling fan. This annual race brings together the best cyclists around the world and pits them against each other through three weeks of intense cycling. Our Tour de France cycling tours are among the best cycling tours of France you’ll ever see, and they’re once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for many of our guests.

We also have bike tours for the legendary Paris Roubaix, perhaps the most famous one-day cycling race in the world. Catch some of the world’s top cyclists conquer the race’s infamous cobblestones and rough terrains. You’ll even get the opportunity to cycle through these punishing roads yourself.

Tour de France Tours

Watch the biggest annual sporting event in the world and experience the Tour de France like never before with Bikestyle Tours.

While you may already watch this race every year on TV, there’s simply nothing like being there yourself and seeing it unfold live. The Tour de France is a pilgrimage for many cycling fans, and we’re here to make this dream cycling holiday come true for you.

Our Tour de France cycling tours are our biggest trips every year, and we make sure that our guests get the thrill of a lifetime. We offer Tour de France bicycle tours and holiday packages to give you the experience you’re looking for. Whether you want spectator-only trips or multi-day cycling tours in France, we’ll help you enjoy the Tour de France the way you want.

france bike tours cycling holidays to tour de france
France Bike Tour following the biggest annual sporting event, Tour de France.
  • Trips for both cyclists and non-cyclists
  • Chance to ride the same routes as the pros
  • Watch key stages of the Tour de France
  • Opportunity to ride through the French Alps and Pyrenees
france bike tours group cycling holidays
Experience the Tour de France the way you want. Ride the same routes as the pros.

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Paris Roubaix Bike Tours

Catch the most famous one-day race in the world with our bike tours for the ever-popular Paris Roubaix.

Also known as the “Hell of the North”, the Paris Roubaix is one of the most punishing races in the sport. Watch as some of the world’s top cyclists conquer its infamous cobblestone paths and rough roads. Be there to watch the race live or cycle through the same cobbled routes yourself to experience what the pros go through.

Aside from the race itself, you’ll also get the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of Northern France, immersing yourself in the region’s unique culture.

france bike tours cycling holidays paris roubaix
Ride the famous cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, the "Hell of the North". You may encounter the "devil".
  • Trips for both cyclists and non-cyclists
  • Ride through the race’s infamous cobblestones
  • Chance to explore northern France
  • Package trips with meals and accommodations provided
belgium bike tours cycling holidays musette
Celebrate Belgium cycling culture, cobbles, tracks and cylcocross.
france bike tours cycling holidays arenberg forest
Ride the Paris-Roubaix cycle challenge along the sectors of pave. Most difficult is the Forest of Arenberg.

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