Australia Bike Tours

Australia Bike Tours

Discover Australia on a unique cycling adventure.
Ride to iconic locations, through incredible flora and fauna.
Fully supported by a professional tour operator.

Our Australia Cycling Tours

Since our European seasons have been getting longer and longer, we’ve held back on designing Australian bike tours, but we’ve had more time on our hands this year. We love our home lands, and have created unique cycling trips to experience Australia’s best cycling locations.

2020 and a global pandemic has changed all of our lives. For us at Bikestyle Tours, besides the obvious, there are 2 things that stand out!

  • 2020 has created an unprecedented surge in bike sales
  • Travel restrictions are easing, but international borders will remain difficult to cross in the near term

What does it all mean for our great Cycling Tour Company, based in Australia with operations in Europe?

Well let’s start with the obvious, 2020 sucks!
But, forever, we are optimistic, and what an opportunity for us to play our part and help Australia grow its own brand of cycling tourism, that appeals to all types of cyclists.

Plan an Australian Cycling Holiday today

Our Australian riding holidays have a primary focus for riding each day, but riding comes in many different forms, and for different abilities. That is why we have tailored trips to suit different rider abilities or interests. We have 3 styles of trips for our Australia bike tours.

  • Centre based cycling retreats to revitalise your body and mind
  • Discover Australia cycling trips to explore great regions of Australia on a bike
  • Escape by bike and ride an Australian backroads cycling adventure 

We keep our riding groups small, safe and manageable.
Most of our Australian trips have between 4 and 8 people, perfect for an exclusive private group. Some trips have capacity for more.

Health Retreats

Centre Based Cycling Trip
  • Ride quiet roads
  • Stay resort style (3 or 4 stars)
  • Health related off bike activities
  • Daily laundry and bike wash

Prepare your mind and body for new opportunities

Whatever your world throws at you, you need little excuse to rediscover your health and well being – A cycling retreat will holistically energise you.

Enjoy a luxury night’s sleep, in the same comfortable bed each night, enjoy the nutrition of a buffet breakfast and multiple nutritious dinners.

Our rides challenge us, but do not break us. Each afternoon we have a selection of activities to help you to relax, meditate, and reset some of your personal goals.

Health retreats
in stunning locations

Gold Coast

Byron Bay

Sunshine Coast

Discover Australia

Regional Bike Tour
  • Ride sealed roads
  • Some gravel sections
  • Stay resort style (2 or 3 stars)
  • Breweries, wineries, distilleries
  • Daily laundry and bike wash

Discover hidden gems on the most scenic ride routes

Australia has some of the most unique landscapes in the world. We have thriving wineries, breweries and distilleries – that go hand-in-hand with local artisans and friendly hospitality.

We take you to the dinky di country towns, along rugged coastlines, into tranquil coves, on quiet roads, through wineries, and connecting scenic locations.

Extraordinary cycling adventures as we quench our thirst for the most scenic cycling routes – they are the hidden gems waiting for cyclists to discover.

Discovery Australia
by Bike

Discover the Gondwana rainforests and golden beaches in the Great South East of Queensland

Cycle from sea level on NSW’s South Coast to the country’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko

Conquer the alpine peaks of the Victorian High Country

Follow the convict trail from Sydney through Hunter Valley to Port Stephens

Explore the giant Kari and Jarrah forests in Western Australia’s South West corner


Australian Cycling Adventure
  • Ride sealed and gravel roads
  • Stay pub style, shared bathroom
  • Pubs, cheese factories, bakeries
  • Daily laundry for bike kits
  • Daily bike service

Backroads adventure without the hassle of bike-packing

Let your experienced Bikestyle Tours team remove all of the hassle as they fully support your cycling adventure with navigational guidance, full ride support including mechanical assistance when you need it most and a daily bike and laundry service.

Relax with friends and a cold beer (or wine) in the evening as we reflect on a hard, but most-of-all a memorable and enjoyable day in the saddle.

Make tracks
on a backroads adventure

Fewer cars

No traffic lights

More cycling

Some gravel

Traditional country hospitality

Why travel with an Australian Cycling Tour Company?

We’ve been operating cycling tours throughout Europe for over 25 years, a continent very familiar with cycling and cycling tourism. We have grown and refined our famous bike tours to cater for a broad range of cyclists, their partners and have solved countless problems that may arise in bike travel.

We are proud to be Australian and recognise that our cycling culture in fact goes back to before motor vehicles reshaped our way of living. Back then, many country towns had velodromes and local’s came together for their bike races. For the most part, riding your bike was a part of everyone’s daily life, many back sheds were full of bicycle repair jobs. But, once highways connected communities, the family car became more convenient to travel and explore. Society chose cars rather than trains and bicycles. Fast forward to 2020 and our focus for living-local and avoiding public spaces has created another surge in bike sales in Australia.

Those of us who have been riding for years, have always recognised the joys in riding and we continue to ride, but we choose where we ride in Australia wisely. If we have been lucky enough, a pilgrimage to Europe to conquer iconic climbs has expanded our desire to ride more. But international travel is still restricted, so what iconic locations can we ride in Australia?

There are challenges for running a bike tour in Australia:

  • Where to safely cycle in Australia?
  • How do you plan a ride holiday in Australia?
  • What are iconic places to ride in Australia?
  • What are the must-do rides in Australia?
Trusted Staff always ready to lend a hand
Trusted Staff always ready to lend a hand

Professional tour operator with many years experience catering for a wide range of cyclists abilities.

Where to safely cycle in Australia?

Every council jurisdiction in Australia is investing in cycling infrastructure. Who would have thought that consideration would be made to replace a motor vehicle lane with a dedicated cycleway? This is exactly what capital cities are looking to do. However, how much do you enjoy stopping and starting at traffic lights when on your bike. It is a great solution for commuting by bike, but it doesn’t help us escape by bike.

For us to truly escape by bike we need to search beyond the cities and into country areas that have quiet roads with fewer cars and take you through scenic environments. Have you ever just followed the brown tourist drives in Australia? Well, it is a good place to start to plan your ride.

Bellthorpe State Forest
Bellthorpe State Forest

How do you plan a ride holiday in Australia?

Australia has picturesque landscapes, iconic landmarks and unspoilt coastlines. Find these locations and you’ll get pretty close to a great Australian bike holiday. You may want to stop in at a winery, cheese factory or chocolate shop. Maybe a distillery or micro-brewery to replenish after a ride. Without doubt, you’re at least never far from a good coffee in Australia.

We’ve sought destinations in Australia to meet this brief. Many of them are located on our local roads close to South East Queensland. There are of course some common routes taken by local cyclists, but we’ve also challenged ourselves to seek out alternative routes that will deliver unique experiences for every guest. We avoid the major arterials and avoid the busy roads.

We pride ourselves on fully supporting our riders with mechanical assistance and nutrition on their cycling journeys. If riding point-to-point, we even transport your luggage for you so that you can see more from the bike and still have all of the luxuries that you want to travel with.

In Australia we often choose to ride in a group, because it is often safer and we can support each other on the road. It is easy to feel vulnerable as a lone rider on our roads. But to explore the more remote roads of Australia we need more security with mechanical and nutritional assistance as well. Someone to carry extra water, extra bike spares should you need them and someone who knows how to troubleshoot should you have mechanical problems during the ride. Our Australian ride holidays have experienced teams to resolve most problems should they happen.

Fully guided and supported rides
Fully guided and supported rides

World class cycling routes, your safety is our a priority and fully supported to give you peace of mind.

What are the iconic places to ride in Australia?

We didn’t need to look very far from where we live in South East Queensland to find iconic places to discover by bike. Our brief was looking for iconic locations, diverse flora and fauna, national parks, rainforests, rugged coastlines and golden beaches.

Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny
Glasshouse Mountains from Maleny

Ride the Eastern Coastal region and awaken your senses

Have you ever ridden down a road with the sound of whip-birds calling, or the calling of a hundred bellbirds echoing through eucalypts. The tranquility is ever more apparent as the rainforest canopy opens to a viewing deck overlooking the valley from where you’ve just climbed. This is what it is like to ride one of our hinterland escapes.

Nearer the coastline and the drones of cicadas substitute harmonious bird songs. From the sound alone, one is reminded of riding through Provence. But here in Australia, the night is made ever peaceful with the sound of rolling waves washing the shore. Join us, escape by bike and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty Australia has on offer, right at our doorstep.

Our cycling retreats and backroads cycling adventures take you into the Eastern Coastal regions.

Gold Coast Hinterland Beechmont
Gold Coast Hinterland Beechmont

Ride the iconic climbs of Adelaide Hills and Victorian Peaks

There are also other regions of Australia of equal beauty and draw our attention to explore on a bicycle. Of course, there is Adelaide and the Adelaide hills who host the Santos Tour Down Under each year. We will be hosting our regular 8-day and 4-day trips in 2021, as the World Tour comes to Australia. Another must ride location is the Victorian High Country, join our Victorian Alps bike trip in 2021 and conquer Australia’s longest climbs. These are without doubt the most popular regions of Australia to take your road bike.


Our famous Santos Tour Down Under bike tours follow the January race and later in 2021 our Victorian Alps trip enables guests to complete 6 climbs of the 7 Peaks Challenge.

mt hotham climb 7 peaks challenge
Mt Hotham is the hardest climb of the 7 Peaks challenge.

Ride the iconic wine regions of Margaret River and Hunter Valley

For years, many Australian’s living in Eastern Australia have overlooked a trip to Western Australia to head overseas instead. With international travel restricted, why not book your Western Australia bike tour in the South West corner, including the Margaret River region.

Once Europeans settled in Australia, the penal colonies expanded from Sydney and roads were built by convicts. The earliest trails expanded from Sydney, heading north to the fertile lands. We retrace these migrations and realise that the fertile lands now produce great wine, the Hunter Valley. They also produce delicious cheese and chocolate. Join us on this cycling adventure as we follow the convict trail and enjoy the fine dining of the Hunter Valley, even time for a game of golf. Our ride finishes at Port Stephens where the dolphins and whales regularly take refuge.

Our Discover Australia cycling trips include wine tasting tours in Margaret River and the Hunter Valley.

Sunset Darling Ranges
Sunset Darling Ranges

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