Clothing and Fitness

Guest Clothing and Fitness

A few minutes of your time before you travel

Clothing and Fitness Form

It’s not long before our staff will welcome you on your Bikestyle Tours cycling holiday. For us to deliver the best possible service we collect some information prior to your arrival from all of our guests.

Completing this form will take you less than a couple of minutes and we’ll send you some training tips for your trip.

Booking Information

Tell us a little more about yourself

The information you provide helps us to arrange your accommodation and improve the services we deliver throughout your trip.

What is your Date of Birth?

Cycling Fitness

The level of your fitness is important for us allocate staff to your trip and account for timings on each day to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

We understand that your ability to ride each week may vary. However, as an indication, please answer the following questions based on your riding over the LAST 4 WEEKS. We would like to know about your riding fitness and experience in riding with groups of more than 8 people.

Cycling ambition

We'd like to know what sort of riding you'd like to achieve during your trip with Bikestyle Tours.

Medical Conditions and Dietary Requests

Your personal safety is our highest priority and the information you provide helps us take the best care of you on tour. We make every effort to satisfy your dietary requirements and your guides on your trip will be aware of any medical or allergic conditions that you specify.

Emergency Contact Details

Who is the best person to contact back home in case of an emergency?

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