Experienced Cyclist Trips

Experienced Cyclist Trip

Designed for the cyclist to share with their non-riding partners

Experienced cyclist trips with more miles and vertical metres

I'm a Non-Rider

This is a cyclists only trip

  • Primary focus is riding your bike

Most of our trips also cater for non-riders (as well as cyclists), and we have some spectator only trips. Please search for our spectator only trips here.

I'm an experienced cyclist

This trip is dedicated to experienced cyclists

  • Most rides are more than 100km and may have over 2,000m (6,000ft) of vertical ascent
  • There are some epic days of more than 3,000m of vertical ascent
  • We find that these trips have more than enough riding, even for the most experienced cyclists
  • Climbing is at your own pace
  • Between climbs, we'll often ride as a group averaging more than 30km/hr (20mi/hr) along the flat

Your guides may adjust the intensity of your ride to ensure you have more than enough riding. Remember, we often follow the climbing routes so vertical metres is often a better measure than the miles in the saddle.

I'm more of a social cyclist

Tailored for experienced cyclists who ride more than often, nearly every day

  • Other trips cater for different riding abilities
  • These trips are intended for guests to ride (rather than take the van) through alpine areas, often completing two significant climbs a day
  • Each day has near 2,000m (6,000ft) of climbing, sometimes more
  • We'll often ride as a group averaging more than 30km/hr (20mi/hr) along the flat
  • Climbing is always at your own pace
  • We expect that guests have trained well to prepare for their riding holiday, including group riding and hilly rides

We often incorporate an easier day in the itinerary to serve as recovery for the bigger days during the back end of the tour.