Cyclists and Non-Riding Itineraries

Cyclists and Non-Riding Trip

Designed for the cyclist to share with their non-riding partners

Join a bike trip and share your experiences

I'm a Non-Rider

Popular with non-cycling partners, and spectators welcome

  • Primary focus is seeing the race
  • On some days we'll visit beautiful areas, such as a picturesque village or a UNESCO World Heritage area for you to experience food and culture
  • Other days we'll meet up with our riders are various points as we ride along stunning routes, and you'll be able to capture wonderful photographs of the scenery

You'll be able to discuss options each day with your van driver and trip leader, as some guests like to incorporate some longer walks and others prefer more time in the villages

I'm an experienced cyclist

Experienced cyclists are welcome

  • Many rides are more than 100km and may have over 2,000m (6,000ft) of vertical ascent
  • With all of our trips, there are opportunities to extend our longest ride option to include another nearby climb or take an alternative route to achieve a double summit on some climbs.
  • We find that our longer trips have more than enough riding, even for the most experienced cyclists.

Your guides may adjust the intensity of your ride to ensure you have more than enough riding. Remember, we often find follow the climbing routes. Like the Grand Tours, we find the higher intensity, short stages can be just as challenging as a long day in the saddle.

I'm more of a social cyclist

Tailored for cyclists who ride often, but are unable to ride every day at home

  • Our most popular trips cater for different riding abilities
  • You're able to select an option each day of the itinerary that suits how you feel (or how well you have prepared)
  • Our easiest rides involve riding in a group at an average speed of more than 20km/hr (15mi/hr) on the flat
  • Climbing is always at your own pace
  • We expect that guests have trained to prepare for their riding holiday, including some group riding and hilly rides

You may like to have some days off the bike or easier days and save your legs for the day that you conquer a bucket list climb