2020 TDU Itinerary and Ride Files

2020 TDU Itinerary and Ride Files

Your Trip Itinerary

A hard copy of this itinerary will be given to you at the start of your trip.

Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the itinerary to flip through the pages.


Your itinerary describes each ride and has an elevation profile to help you choose your preferred option. You can explore your rides in more detail using the below map and profiles.

Since 2018, we have reduced our carbon footprint and replaced our hard copy maps with interactive maps using smartphones. You’ll need to supply your own compatible smart phone to view our prepared map files on your Android or iPhone device.

Our electronic maps are helpful if you need extra navigation assistance during your ride. The benefit is that your phone’s GPS device will help you find your location on the map relative to our ride route and you’ll also have a map of all of the surrounding streets, without using mobile data on your phone.

Ride maps will be helpful if you lose contact with the group that you are riding with. Rest assured, we do have the highest guide-to-guest ratio in the industry and our guides do their best to look after everyone during every ride.

Staff will be available at the beginning of your trip to assist you with any of the procedures and help you load the ride routes onto your smart phone.

Take your ride maps with you using the Ride with GPS phone app. 


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You can download files directly to your chosen device

Already have a Ride with GPS account? Jump to step 2

If you are unable to see our rides below, you must first register to view our rides and be signed in to your Ride with GPS account. After registration, refresh this screen.


Our guides have been using MAPS.ME for local maps on trips and they’ve found it invaluable during the trip.

It has two great features that you too may find useful during your trip with us and during your travels elsewhere!

  • Download a lightweight map set for the region you are in, without the need for an active mobile data connection. For all roads in France this takes only 25MB of storage space on your phone.
  • Quickly locate yourself (and share your location), using your GPS and the Share My Location feature.


MAPS.ME Instructions

  • Search for MAPS.ME app on your smart phone using the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open any of the kmz files (within the zip file you can download below) using MAPS.ME and you will see the ride appear in your bookmark set. Clicking on any of the items in a bookmark set will highlight on your map.
Toggle the visibility of each ride route by accessing the bookmark set menu (the icon with 2 stars and 3 horizontal bars).
  • During the trip you can use the Main menu button to share your location with staff for them to easily locate you.
Download the compressed set of files below and open each contained file in MAPS.ME. They open as bookmarks and show you each ride route, along with start, finish and distance markers.


Adelaide can be very hot and dry, but sudden cool changes often take visitors by surprise. 

How to Load maps to your mobile device

Before you start:

  • Register a free account with Ride with GPS
  • Sign up to our event following the link above
Ride with GPS has recently updated their phone apps and you may need to clear the cache of the App on your phone. Therefore, if you have loaded the app on your device previously, we recommend clearing the cache and data for the app on your phone. If you are unsure on how to clear the app cache, try uninstalling the app and reinstall it.
  • Install the Ride with GPS app on your iPhone or Android device
  • Sign into the App using your Ride with GPS account username and password
  • Within the app, select the More menu and select My Events from the main menu.

You should now see our event in the UPCOMING events section.

  • Click on our event and you’ll see our planned rides
  • Select the 3 vertical dots on the top-right to Download All of the rides
  • During the trip, you can select the Navigate option for any of the rides to record your ride and have turn-by-turn navigation.
Downloading maps to your phone offers the option to download the map and route, or just the route. Downloading the map and route means you can download each ride including a local map on a Wi-Fi connection before starting our ride.


We know you will want to share photos from the trip with your fellow guests. So to help make it easy for everyone we have created a Google Photo album for your trip.
It is very easy to use, please feel free to start uploading/downloading photos by following the instructions below. This is a free service that enables you to share photos and video easily. (Download the App to your smart photo to make it even easier)
  • Click on the photo album link below.
  • You can easily download a photo by clicking on the photo.  At the top right hand side of the screen click on “more options” and click the download button.
  • To upload photos (pick the best ones of the day) click on the picture icon (with the plus symbol) at the top of the photo album and select photos from your computer or your mobile device. Simple !
  • Upload some of your best photos and pop them into your folder for all of us to see and share.

When posting your photo’s in the social media world, we would love you to use our hashtags #escapebybike #tourdownunder #whereweride @bikestyletours



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